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        Men’s Sneaker Guide: What to wear in 2018?

        By : Pradhumnya khanayat , on 01-08-18

        Did you know sneakers were originated way back in the 18th century? Hard to digest? Unbelievable but true. The first sneaker was created in 1892 and since then modernization hit the deck hard and new styles kept on coming. The sneaker has been ruling the streetwear fashion, contemporary fashion and industry trends from decades. One can pair it with a suit or a casual outfit because of its versatility and adaptability. So, sneaker aficionados, here we have 7 swanky styles that you shouldn’t miss out on.

        Canvas Converse Sneaker

        Canvas sneakers can also be rephrased as “The conventional old-school sneaker”. These low ankles sneakers are usually made of canvas material with a rubber sole. Canvas sneakers are also available in high-ankle and complement all type of casual outfits. Shop some iconic canvas sneakers from Converse All Stars.

        High top sneakers

        A perfect shoe to wear all season. High top sneakers or basketball sneakers are usually paired with skinny jeans or similar outfits which makes it look more attractive and edgy. High-top sneakers come in different colors and patterns and should definitely be in your shoe collection.


        The easiest and the most comfortable shoe to slip in. Slip-on sneakers come with no laces and that’s what makes them unique from all other styles. Their casual, comfortable fit makes them the most loved sneaker type among the people. Always wear your slip-on with no show socks as wearing longer or ankle length socks completely out-shadows its look.

        Atheltic Kicks

        Sports shoes? Na. Athletic Kicks? A big Yes. Athletic kicks are a type of functional shoe which are fashionable, functional, funky, have an in-shoe technology and are much more than just a sports shoe. These lace sneakers are a perfect blend of creativity and functionality. From big brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma etc, to renowned designers like Gucci, Alexandra Wang, athletic kicks come in unique shapes and styles and are the most worn sneaker type of 2018.